The HOMA A Series represents a significant advancement in pump technology, particularly in the realm of wastewater and sewage management. This series is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of both municipal and industrial applications, offering a comprehensive solution for the efficient handling of sewage, effluent, and liquids laden with solids and fibers.

Design and Functionality

At the core of the A Series’ design philosophy is versatility and durability. The pumps are constructed to handle a wide range of wastewater types, from municipal sewage to industrial effluent. This flexibility is achieved through a variety of impeller designs – including single-vane, multi-vane, and vortex types – each suited to different kinds of wastewater and solids handling requirements.

The single-vane impellers are typically used in applications with fewer solids, providing efficient flow and reducing the risk of clogging. Multi-vane impellers, on the other hand, offer improved solids handling capabilities, making them suitable for more challenging industrial effluents. Vortex impellers are designed to pass larger solids, providing an additional layer of protection against clogging in heavy-duty applications.

Power and Efficiency

The A Series pumps come with a wide range of motor sizes, from 3 horsepower (hp) to a formidable 500 hp. This broad spectrum ensures that there is a suitable pump for applications of almost any scale, from smaller municipal needs to large industrial projects. The high power options facilitate the handling of high flow rates and head pressures, making them ideal for large-scale wastewater treatment facilities.

In terms of efficiency, the A Series pumps are designed to maximize hydraulic performance while minimizing energy consumption. This is particularly important in large-scale operations where pump running costs can significantly impact overall expenses. The efficient motor design, combined with the hydraulic capabilities of the impellers, ensures that these pumps operate at optimal levels, providing cost savings over time.

Safety and Reliability

Recognizing the potentially hazardous environments in which these pumps operate, several models in the A Series are available with FM approval for explosion-proof operation. This feature is crucial for pumps used in locations with a risk of explosive gases or other hazardous materials, such as certain industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Furthermore, the A Series pumps are equipped with temperature and leakage sensors as standard features. These sensors play a vital role in ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation, providing early warning signs of potential issues that could lead to pump failure or hazardous situations.

Construction and Materials

The construction of the A Series pumps is geared towards durability and longevity. The materials chosen for these pumps are robust and resistant to wear and corrosion, which is vital in the harsh environments they often operate in. The ability to withstand corrosive and abrasive liquids makes these pumps particularly valuable in industrial settings where such conditions are commonplace.


The versatility of the A Series makes it suitable for a variety of applications. In municipal settings, these pumps are ideal for sewage and wastewater treatment plants, handling everything from raw sewage to treated effluent. They are also used in stormwater management, where their solid handling capabilities are particularly beneficial.

In the industrial sector, the A Series pumps are used in a range of applications, including food processing, chemical manufacturing, and mining. Their ability to handle difficult liquids with high solid content makes them a preferred choice in these industries.

Environmental Impact

The environmental implications of wastewater management are significant, and the A Series contributes positively in this regard. By efficiently handling and transporting wastewater and sewage, these pumps play a crucial role in preventing environmental contamination. Additionally, their energy-efficient operation reduces the carbon footprint of wastewater management facilities.

The HOMA A Series is a testament to advanced engineering in the field of wastewater management. With its versatile design, powerful and efficient operation, safety features, and robust construction, it stands out as a premier solution for a wide range of wastewater handling needs. Whether in municipal or industrial settings, the A Series represents reliability, efficiency, and a commitment to environmental stewardship, making it a valuable asset in modern wastewater management infrastructure.